Volume Perm

Ladies in Singapore often have to battle with flat limped hair due to humidity of our local weather and coupled with oily scalp issues. And inspired by the voluminous Victoria secret curls that we see on the runway, Picasso Innovation team has innovated and launched their signature Volume Perm since 2016. Imagine this sexy confident lady, walking down the fashion aisle, that’s the volume perm style that we want to create.

volume perm picture

This Perm has 3 main features to create that volume and bouncy curls look.

PHS volume perm description


The Victoria secret Inspired flip out fringe which creates that feminine and “lift”, while framing the face


High curls to the illusion of having more hair at the crown area


High layered haircut to allow the hair to have that airy and fluff up look between each curls

Price of Volume Perm is at $369 with haircut by hair designer and luxury hair treatment.
(Additional $20/$40 for creative director/master trainer haircut)

This perm is best suited for shoulder to chest length. However would require a little effort in blow-drying it, which Picasso’s hairstylist are often glad to spend the time teaching our customers on how to blow-dry their perms.