Rebonding Perm

Founded in 2014, Picasso Hair Studio specialises in innovative perming services and has more than 13 different perm styles in its catalog to fit different customers’ needs.

Rebonding Perm is a permstyle that was created when the studio first started and has been the signature and best selling perm style thus far. Sometimes deemed as the “Singapore Perm” because it is specially designed for the Singapore humid weather, where frizz is a major concern to most ladies.

Thus this permstyle is soft rebonding at the top to take away some of these frizzy hair and a medium layer perm at the bottom, to make it easy to twist and blow-dry for the busy local women. This permstyle is recommended for ladies who have shoulder length hair and are looking for a tidy and neat permstyle.

Rebonding perm picture

Price of Rebonding Perm is at $419 with haircut by hair designer and luxury hair treatment.
(Additional $20/$40 for creative director/master trainer haircut).

With 60% of customers doing perm in the studio,
Picasso has permed more than 25,000 heads of since its opening.

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