Hair Highlights Singapore

Instead of going for a full head color, highlights are the best way for a hair makeover transformation. Highlights not only can be used to frame the face and create dimension in the hair. It can also help to brighten up the skin tone and give you an immediate refreshed look!

Choosing the right hair color for your highlight is equally as important. In general, warm skin tone ladies will suit warm hair colors, while cool skin tone ladies will suit cool hair colors. If you are unsure which skin tone you belong to, you can also contact us and ask for a complimentary consultation with our hairstylists.

In Picasso Hair Studio, besides our all-time favourite, balayage highlights, we also offer many other variations of highlights to cater to different customers’ needs.

Here are the 4 other variations of highlights that we offer:

Classic Highlight

Classic Highlight is one of the oldest and most traditional form of highlight. It is done through a foiling technique where even sections of the hair are coloured and are separated from the base colour for a more uniform look. This type of highlights typically go from the roots down to the end of each strand and thus create a consistent look throughout the hair.

Money Piece Highlight

Money Piece Highlight involves highlighting the face framing pieces or front sections of your hair and is the best way to accentuate your face and brighten up your skintone. This highlighting technique gets its name as it is a time saving and cost effective service that brings about maximum visible results. Its is also another technique that is a great way to experiment with bleaching your hair without committing to a whole head of lighter hair color.

Earloop Highlight

A highlight that focuses on the two strip of hair at the ear loop, and are hidden until you tuck your hair behind your ears which is also why it was given this name ear loop highlight. This is a great choice for customers who to try out vibrant colours but yet does not want to go too loud and would need the colours to be conceal at certain times. Unlike hidden highlight aka peek a boo highlight that goes all the way round the back of the head hidden at the inner side of the hair, ear loop highlight often remains only at the side. As only two strip of the hair is bleached for the colour, this style is not time saving but also have minimal damage to the hair.

Framing Highlight

Framing Highlight is one of Picasso Hair Studio’s signature highlights. It is suitable for ladies who don’t want to damage their hair too much with bleach, and also don’t have the whole day to spend in the salon for a highlight service, but yet still want visible results and highlights that frames the face. It is also a highlight that caters to ladies who do not want to see “a patch of black” in the inner layer of their hair without any highlights when they tie their hair up into a pony tail. If they choose to let their hair down, they can also wear their highlights on both curls or straight hair as it looks good on both.