S Curl Perm

S Curl Perms describes the shape of the curl like the letter “S” and thus the name of the perm. It can also sometimes known as the double C curl perm. S Curl perms are highly popular in the early 2020s and have many variations that can be derived from this perm.

At Picasso Hair Studio, we offer the following variations of a S Curl perm.

S Curl Rebonding = Volume Rebonding + S Curl Perm

One of the permstyles that was created with rebonding for a tidy conventional look for customers who wants to perm, but don’t want a messy look.

Curl Rebonding
Romantic Perm

Korean Romantic Perm = C + S Curl Perm

When we created this perm style in 2021 we had in mind the Korean hair trend for a minimalist look. The girl next door with light makeup, in tank top and jeans.

Korean Flow Perm = S + S Curl Perm

This style is another one inspired by the Korean Trend, with natural looking yet continuous wave lines. Abit slightly more curls than the Korean Romantic permstyle.

Flow Perm Picture
Wave Perm Picture

Korean Wave Perm = S + S + S Curl Perm

Inspired from Spiral perm, but with looser bigger curls., this is one of the most asked for perm in 2023. This is created for ladies who wants their cyrls to start high up to create more volume and texture to their hair. This perm style can be styled into a neat or messy look depending on how you like it to be.

Unsure of which type of permstyle is suitable for you?

Our stylists will do a 9 steps facial features analysis aka Hair Personality Test with you to determine which perm style is best suited for your face shape. They will also discuss with you on the level of maintenance you are willing to put in for the perm, to help you choose a permstyle that will also best suit your lifestyle.

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