Perm / Rebond

Price list


  • Root perm picasso hair studio
    Root Perm
  • Picasso hair 5 Korean Wave Perm
    Korean Wave Perm*
    $225 - $270
  • Picasso hair 10 digital perm
    Digital Perm*
    $265 - $320
  • volume perm picasso hairstudio
    Perm Design I*
    $265 - $320
  • rebonding perm and root perm1 picassohairstudio
    Rebonding Perm*
    $325 - $415
  • Picasso hair 3 Japanese Soft Perm
    Perm Design II*
    $325 - $415

^ Perm Design I: Wave Perm, Flow Perm, Romantic Perm, Goddess Perm, Digital Perm, Volume Perm
^ Perm Design II: C/S Curl Rebonding, Styling Perm, Rebonding Perm, Japanese Soft Perm, Spiral Perm, Freestyle Perm


  • Fringe Rebonding
  • Soft Rebonding*
    $265 - $320
  • C Curl Rebonding*
    $325 - $415
  • S Curl Rebonding*
    $325 - $415

Prices inclusive of 9% GST

Services with * above comes with Haircut by Hair Designer.
Add $20/$40 for Creative Director/Master Trainer Haircut

Short = Chin length and Above
Medium = Below Chin to Collar Bone
Long = Collar Bone and Below to Bra Strap
Additional 20% for Bra Strap to Waist

Exclusive Promos

* Perm Packages are for all hair lengths until chest length. Additional 20% for below chest length

Not Your Usual Perm...

You don't want any perm... You want YOUR perm


How Picasso Does it


Face Shape

Our Hair Designers will start with a detailed analysis of your face shape, eyes, nose, mouth & chin to determine which Hair Personality you are and what style suits you best.

Height Built

Height & Built

Our Hair Designers will look at your height and built together, to determine what is your golden hair length ratio. They will analyze what types of curls and fringe will best suit your overall look.