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Korean Flow Perm

Korean Romantic Perm

Korean Wave Perm

With the hype in Korean Perms in the last few years, Picasso Hair Studio being the perm specialist have also customised 3 types of popular Korean Perm to suit the local weather and lifestyle for short and longer hair.

In general, Korean Perms are all about looking natural as if you are born with the curls. Thus instead of very define curls, Korean perms are all about big loose waves. And unlike Japanese perms, Korean perms are usually heavy bottom, making it also easier to blowdry.

Korean Flow Perm is a perm suitable for long chest length hair, distinct by loose flowy waves. For ladies with shoulder to mid length hair, who don’t want so much curls, the Korean Romantic Perm is recommended which is a mixture of c and s curls with low layered haircut. And for ladies with short bob hair, Picasso Korean Wave Perm is recommended. This is a cold perm which gives volume and texture to the hair without distinct curls.


What: Classic Flowy Water Waves Curls

Description: Flowy step down curls with low layers. The curls feels like it’s one continuous flow, that’s why we called it the flow perm.

Inspiration: This style is another one inspired by the Korean Trend, with natural looking yet continuous wave lines. Abit slightly more curls than the Korean Romantic permstyle.

Suitable for: Below Shoulder Length and above Chest Length

Maintenance Level: Medium

Korean Flow Perm
Korean Romantic Perm


What: Natural Looking Casual Curls

Description: Natural Looking Loose Curls with Wave big wave fringe

Inspiration: When we created this perm style in 2021 we had in mind the Korean hair trend for a minimalist look. The girl next door with light makeup, in tank top and jeans.

Suitable for: Shoulder length hair

Maintenance Level: Low


What: Modern Chic Waves

Description: A perm style using cold perm techniques where the curls are rod from the roots to ends

Inspiration: Can be very curly/just a bit of curls depends on how you blow-dry it. If you leave it naturally dry, it can be very curly, however if you just want volume without much curls, you can blow-dry it to 100%. So this curl is a very versatile perm style.

Suitable for: Short to Long, Relatively Healthy and non-frizzy straight hair.

Maintenance Level: Medium


Korean Wave Perm