Where are you located?

We have two outlets which are located within walking distance from Bugis mrt and Novena mrt.

Do I have to make an appointment before I come down?

Although an appointment is not a must, but an appointment is preferred. In the occasion where our appointments are full, we will have to turn away walk-ins. So to avoid disappointments, please do make an appointment or call us at 62910691/62240221 before coming down.


How much are your perm services? And how long does it takes?

These are our perm packages, and they are applicable for all lengths till Chest. Additional 20% for lengths until waist and additional 50% for lengths waist and below. All perm packages are inclusive of haircut, pre and post chemical treatments. Prices stated are already inclusive of GST.

How long can the perm last?

Korean Wave Perm – average 2.5 months

C curve Rebonding/Styling Perm/Rebonding Perm/ S curve Rebonding – average 4 months

The lastingness of each perm also depends on a few factors:

a. The health of the hair. The healthier the hair, the more the curls will last. The drier the hair, the lastingness of the curls will be compromised.

b. Aftercare at home. Avoid swimming/using scalp shampoos after the perm for at least 2 weeks.

c. The tighter the curls, the more it will last. And thus the looser/ more natural the curls to start with, the lifespan of the curls will also be shorter.

How long do I have to wait before I can wash my hair after the perm services?

You can wash your hair after 24 hours.

I have _____ hair, how do I know which perm suits me?

You can come in for a free consultation. Our stylists will analyse your face shape, discuss with you your desired style and recommend a perm that will suit you.

What are the aftercare after the perm?

a. Wash the hair only after 24 – 48 hours.

b. Avoid scalp shampoos or swimming in the next 2 weeks after the perm.

c. Apply a leave-in curl cream after wash, twist and blowdry. If hair is still abit dry/frizzy after blowing, a serm can be applied after the hair is dry.

I am lazy, I don’t like to blow dry my hair. Can I don’t blow dry my curls?

We strongly recommend to blow dry your hair in order for the curls to look nice. It is not difficult, no tools are required. Only a hairdryer is needed, twist with your finger and blow dry. It just takes practice to master the skill. We have a few video tutorials on how to blowdry a c curve/rebonding perm on our facebook page.

Also after every perm done in our salon, our stylists will teach our customers how to blow dry their hair and maintain their curls at home.

The drier your hair/the bigger the curls you choose the more we would recommend you to blow dry your hair. This is because when the hair is wet, water will pull and weigh down the curls. And thus if the hair is not blown dry, the curls will not be as defined/bouncy.


How much are your creative hair color services? And how long does it take?

See below:

How many rounds of bleaching are needed for the color that I want to do?

This is the general guide for the number of bleaching needed. However, this might differ if you have recently done a “Black” color dye or colors with “Red” tones.

How long can the Creative Color Last?

The darker the colors the longer the color can last. On average the colors that require one round of bleaching can last 3-4 weeks. Colors that require two rounds of bleaching can last 2-3 weeks and Colors that require three rounds of bleaching require 1-2 weeks. This might also differ based on the health and porosity of the hair.