Elevate Your Look: Exploring Various Types of Highlights for Your Hair

Creative Hair Highlights

Are you looking to change up your look because you’re feeling a bit bored, just broke up with your partner, or simply want to adopt a whole new style? Well, if you’re ready to scream your latest change to the world, getting your hair highlighted might just be the transformative touch you need. Hair highlights have become more than just a trend – they’re a statement of individuality and a powerful means of expressing your personality.

Let’s explore some of the various highlighting techniques and discover the perfect style to showcase your latest chapter.

1. Traditional Foil Highlights

The classic foil highlighting technique has stood the test of time for a reason, perfect for those who prefer a polished and refined look. This method involves wrapping sections of hair in foils and applying bleach or colour, giving hairdressers precise control over the highlighting process. The result is distinct, uniform highlights that enhance the overall texture and depth of your hair, while adding dimension and brightness to your look that never goes out of style.

2. Airtouch Balayage Highlights

If you are craving a more natural appearance, Airtouch Balayage highlights are the way to go. Balayage, meaning “to sweep” in French, is a hand-painted technique that creates a seamless, sun-kissed effect. Airtouch takes this method to the next level by incorporating air pressure to lift and colour the hair more precisely, resulting in a beautifully blended, lived-in look to create an effortlessly chic result. Airtouch Balayage highlights are highly sought-after for their low maintenance and ability to grow out gracefully, making them a crowd favourite among busy individuals who prioritise style without sacrificing time.

3. Ombre Highlights

Ombre highlights have become a staple in the world of hair colour, and all for good reason. This style features a gradual transition from dark to light, typically starting with darker roots and fading into lighter ends. The bold contrast adds depth and dimension, emphasising the length and movement of your hair for a striking, eye-catching effect. This highlight technique is a playful and trendy option if you are looking for a bold transformation without the commitment that comes with traditional all-over colour. The versatility of ombre highlights allows endless shade combinations, letting you express your personality with confidence and style.

4. Sombre Highlights

Sombre, short for “soft ombre,” is the perfect choice if you prefer a subtler version of the ombre trend. The transition between dark and light hues is more gradual, creating a softer and more natural appearance. Sombre highlights create a soft, blended look that requires minimal upkeep, making them a practical choice if you are seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish option. This technique is known to infuse hair with a touch of brightness to your hair for a toned-down look ideal for office environments.

5. Chunky Highlights

If you’re in the mood for a bold and high-impact look, consider opting for chunky highlights. This technique involves colouring or lightening larger sections of hair, creating noticeable contrast and making a statement with vibrant, distinct highlights. Looking to create a playful and edgy vibe? Chunky highlights are sure to add an undeniable element of flair to your look. It’s a daring choice that empowers you to express your individuality and captivate attention at every turn.

When it comes to hair highlights, there’s no shortage of options to express your unique style and make a statement. So, if you are ready to change up your look, Picasso Hair Studio is here to turn your hair dreams into reality. Book your appointment today at our hair salon in Singapore and let our talented stylists craft personalised hair highlights that suit your personality and lifestyle.

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