7 tips before your hair color
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Tip 1 - Avoid Henna Color/Herbal/Keratin Treatments

As these treatments gives a very strong coating around the hair, it would be very difficult to achieve your desired hair color after doing these treatments, as tendency is that it will hinders and blocks out the colors that are being put on and final result might not be achieved or color will be uneven.

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Tip 2 - Avoid dyeing your hair black or red

These color pigments are the highest to remove. Thus if you want to cover your hair dark, we will advise to go for a dark brown instead. Otherwise it will be difficult for a color change in the future.

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Tip 3 - Do not wash your hair before your color appointment

Yes! The dirtier your scalp is, the better. Let the natural oil on your scalp act as a protective layer during your hair coloring service. By washing your scalp too clean before your coloring service might create a stronger biting sensation on your scalp during your service.

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Tip 4 - Avoid applying too many products on your hair before your color appointment

As these leave-in products might coat the hair and makes it difficult for the color to penetrate into the hair, avoid applying these products before your color service.

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Tip 5 - If you wish to do crazy colors, understand that that will require you to bleach the hair

The chart below serve as a guide as in how many rounds of bleaching is required for the different types of colors. Also know that once you have bleached your hair, the bleached portion will not be able to take any perm/rebond services in the future. Thus you will need to take this into consideration, and might want to opt to only bleach the hair ends and not the whole hair.

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Tip 6 - Choosing the right color for your skintone

Some colors might look nice on others but might not suit you when it is done on your hair. The right haircolor will make your skin look more radiant and looked flattering on you. While the wrong haircolor will make your skin look dull. Cool Colors for Cool Skin Tones and Warm Colors for Warm Skin Tones. If you are unsure of which skintone you belong to, ask your stylist!

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Tip 7 - Bring along pictures of the exact color you wish to do

Your color definition of “blonde” may not be the same as your stylist’s definition of blonde. Thus if possible try to research and bring pictures of the exact color that you wish to do instead of telling your stylist, I want a brighter/darker version of this color. Also note that as different hair texture might result in the color to differ slightly, thus we can only go close to the desired color and not 100%.